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Create by Cari, founded in 2023, in Denver, Colorado, specializes in web design using HTML, CSS, and Javascript. We use Adobe Creative Cloud offerings such as Dreamweaver, Illustrator, Photoshop, and Premiere Rush, among others.

Whether building from scratch or a template, Create by Cari makes websites that reflect the true nature of your organization's products and services.

The cycle of creation used by Create by Cari models the natural creative processes of this world. In Chinese Wu Xing philosophy, wood feeds fire which produces earth that bears metal which collects water which, in turn, nourishes wood. This is considered "inter-promoting" or "generating." In "weakening," wood depletes water which rusts metal that impoverishes earth, causing erosion. Earth smothers fire which burns wood. In "inter-regulating," a destructive cycle occurs in which wood grasps or stabilizes earth, preventing soil erosion with its roots. Earth contains or directs water, through dams or river banks. Water dampens or regulates fire that refines or shapes metal, which may be used to chop wood. In the "overacting" or the "excessive destructive cycle," wood deplets earth's nutrients when the soil is over-farmed or over-cultivated. Earth obstructs water through over-damming; water extinguishes fire which melts metal, thereby effecting its integrity. Metal contributes to wood's regidity, making it easy to snap. When "counteracting" in a "reverse or deficient destructive cycle," wood dulls metal that de-energizes fire, conducting heat away. Fire evaporates water which muddies or destabilizes earth, rotting wood.   

Source: Wikipedia  2023.

              Wu Xing has been applied to medicine, music, and martial arts for centuries; and, now, Create by Cari is applying Wu Xing to software development.     

Create by Cari Creative Process


Kaymie's Kaptures

Cari Ross designed a React and Java-based website for Kaymie's Kaptures from an Envato template.


A Perfect Match

Cari Ross and Kaymie Bullock met at church, at around 2018, and it was an instant friendship. They met at Starbucks the next morning, and still frequent Starbucks, now. Kaymie wanted to pursue a business in photography, Kaymie's Kaptures, and Cari developed a passion for web design, founding Dotslash Designs. Now they have combined their forces to launch Create by Cari. Click on their pictures to learn more.


Create by Cari, LLC

1443 Oneida St, Room 203, Denver, CO 80220

(720) 607-8906

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